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Act 1
Back Stage Manga Chapter 1 Cover.jpg
Volume 1
Release Mar 30, 2015
Pages 32
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Here, Rei begins talking about what happened in his past. Rei was in an alley all beaten up, just waiting for death to come. When a stranger shows up; Seiya Sena. He gives him some money to go to a hospital and a jacket with a ticket to his next show. Rei doesn't understand why Seiya could trust a stranger he just met so much. So Rei goes to Seiya's show and during the show he gets tears in his eyes from Seiya's beautiful voice. After the show he goes to see Seiya to give him back the money and the jacket. But Seiya doesn't need them back and actually makes Rei his new assistant. Rei starts living at the Sena's household, meets Nagisa and Izumi and starts a new wonderfull live, while wishing this could continue forever.