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Back Stage Novel Chapter 1
Volume 1
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Nagisa wants Rei to convince Izumi to play in the wedding commercial from 10 years ago again. Rei tries his best to convince Izumi, but fails. So Rei calls Shougo to ask if he could help. Shougo seemed to be in the middle of recording, but he told Rei it was fine. Rei told Shougo all about the commercial. Shougo accepted it and wanted to have lunch with him tomorrow.

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The next day Rei arrived at one of the more luxurious hotels in the capital. Rei pressed on the buzzer of the door and Shougo appeared and before the door was actually shut, Shougo’s arm slipped around Rei’s lower back and kissed him. Afterwards Shougo told Rei what he wanted to do to get Izumi to accept to act in the commercial. Suddenly Rei’s cell phone began buzzing in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw from the display that it was a call from the manager of Shougo’s band, the CRUSHERZ. The manager told him that Shougo was actually in London recording a new song and yesterday after Rei called, Shougo took the first plane to Japan.

Rei yelled without thinking after Shougo finished his explanation. He’d never in his wildest dreams thought that Shougo would come all the way to Japan from London at his request. It stopped Rei’s anger in its tracks to be told that all of the toil and work that Shougo went through was entirely for his sake. Rei told him to go and persuade Izumi immediately and then go back to London and Rei will return the favor once Shougo is back in Japan.

The next day Shougo calls that Izumi will do the commercial. After ending work he went to his house where he saw Shougo outside. He asked him why he was here and not at the airport. Shougo told him the weather got so bad that they bumped his flight to a later time, so Shougo has to stay at Rei's house. After they went into his house, Shougo and Rei did it.

The next day when Rei woke up, Shougo wasn't there and he saw a note with the song lyrics of Shougo. It was a love song just like all his other songs and Rei knew well that all of Shougo’s love songs were written about him, for him. It was always the same, with Shougo insisting that he always, always sang love songs specifically for Rei. He would never forget the day when Shougo had confessed that all of the songs, every song that his thousands of fans listened to and cried along with, were actually written for him. Rei would never be able to return those feelings, no matter how many times Shougo repeated them. Because he was in love with…