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Chapter 16
Volume 4
Release Apr 4, 2013 (Translated)
Pages 42
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It's been two weeks since Izumi and Ryouma became a couple and Ryouma can finally return to Tokyo after his filming ended.

Meanwhile Izumi hears that Ryouma will be coming back to Tokyo and is nervous because he's scared he will be alone with Ryouma when they go out to a date. Izumi asks Rei if he and Shougo can come with him.

The next day Ryouma wakes up early and gets ready for his date with Izumi, but something unexpected happened... Shougo and Rei is coming along. Ryouma, disappointed, goes to the amusement park. However Ryouma just wants to be alone with Izumi, so he thinks of a plan to escape Shougo, and so it worked.

When the time came and Shougo was distracted, Ryouma makes a run for it grabbing a hold of Izumi's hand but Izumi found that Ryouma is going somewhere so they can be alone because Ryouma told him he wants to be alone. Izumi rejected the idea of being alone with him because the last time they were alone they had sex and it hurt so he told Ryouma and Ryouma just left in disappointment.

One week later and Izumi hasn't seen Ryouma and hasn't gotten absolutely no messages from him. Izumi tries to get advice off of Rei and decides he will be the "seme" this time. Izumi left to Ryouma's house and it turns out all this time Ryouma has been studying how to get better. They do it again (Ryouma being the seme again) but this time Izumi enjoys it~ x3