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Chapter 19
Volume 4
Release Oct 10, 2013 (Translated)
Pages 40
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Ryouma is still stuck in the traffic and decides to take the train, but gets hold up by fans.

Meanwhile the script-reading already began. When it was Izumi's turn he couldn't even proparly pronounce the words because he was so nervous and even bit his tongue. Jin sees that Izumi is nervous and shows him a necklace saying that he is actually a 'hypnotist'. He says he will place Izumi under his spell and get rid of his nerves and afterwards Izumi did a very great job reading the script. When he was done nobody believed it was his first time and it felt like there were really three people in the room when Izumi was reading. Izumi said that when he was little his mother made him help her to read her scripts.

Later on Ryouma comes and Izumi tells him all about the hypnosis Jin put on him. Ryouma realized that Izumi and Jun are really weirdly friendly. Then his manager drags him out to his other job. When he has a break he tries to call Izumi and drops his phone in the water while he's getting more and more nervous about what Jun might do to Izumi.

At the set Izumi is getting angry because he didn't get and calls and mails from Ryouma. And so rehearsals proceeded as scheduled until it was finally the day of filming.

At the day of the filming Izumi is again nervous and asks Jun to hypnotize him again. Then Ryouma comes in the room and he sees Izumi and Jun standing really close and punches Jun, because he thought Jun was about to do something to Izumi. Ryouma gets mad at Jun while Izumi is trying to calm Ryouma down. Afterwards he gets angry at Izumi for letting his guard down and forbids him from associating with Jun. That's when Izumi snaps and tells he really looks up to Jun and relys on him a lot and he isn't Ryouma's property. He'll associate with whoever he likes whether Ryouma likes that or not. Ryouma gets angry and runs of.