Chapter 20
Volume 4
Release Dec 8, 2013 (translated)
Pages 32
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Izumi is still angry at Ryouma and Ryouma is still angry at Izumi.

While Ryouma was changing Jun came in to his changing room and it seems like he found out about the fact that Izumi and Ryouma are dating. Jun says they have to make up soon or else he would 'attack' Ryouma.

Then the filming begins and Izumi's acting was really good. So good that Ryouma got shocked and forgot his lines. Jun realized it and took Ryouma to another room with him. Ryouma is really upset and is scared that Izumi will be drifting away from him. Jun is worried they will never finish filming this way and decides to forget Ryouma's worries with hypnosis.

Meanwhile Izumi decides to apologize and goes to the room where Ryouma and Jin are. But when Izumi was about to apologize Ryouma asked who Izumi was. Looks like Ryouma forgot all about Izumi or in other words his worries.