Chapter 24
Ls24 03
Volume 5
Release Jul 30, 2014
Pages 35
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Izumi catches Ryouma's arm and holds onto a tree, but Izumi's arms are to weak to hold both Ryouma and Izumi. Izumi finally lets the tree go and they both fall into a river. Ryouma catches Izumi before the fall and also takes him out of the water. They both find a house where they can stay the night.

Meanwhile the filming crew and especially Rei is worried. They want to save Izumi and Ryouma, but it suddenly started raining really hard and the downpour caused the road to the bottom of the cliff to get blocked. Rei can't take it anymore and calls Shougo, who was supposed to give a concert, but after hearing Rei he runs to Rei's location.

At the house Ryouma finds some blankets and they get both get undressed, becuase their clothes were wet. But when Ryouma saw Izumi naked he suddenly gets all flustered.

It's getting colder in the house and Ryouma suggests they get close to each other under the blanket to keep themselves warm. When Izumi got closer Ryouma started thinking how great Izumi smells and how soft his skin is. That's when he gets hard and Izumi feels it pocking his back. Izumi is happy that Ryouma still reacts to his body and tells Ryouma how he lost his memories. Afterwards Izumi asks if Ryouma wants to give it a try, to see if Ryouma's body really does remember Izumi's.