Love Stage!! Wiki
Chapter 6
Volume 2
Release Nov 6, 2011 (Translated)
Pages 30
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When Izumi was about to leave school, he saw Shougo and Ryouma in front of their school gate. When Ryouma called out Izumi's name he ran away quickly and Ryouma ran after him. Finally when Shougo ran into a dead end, Ryouma got on his knees and apologized and swore he will never do something Izumi hates again and Izumi forgave him. They both ended up going for a walk and told Izumi he is still in love with him even though he is a guy, but Ryouma considers Izumi's feeling and told him he would be happy enough to be just friends with him and they exchange numbers. Meanwhile a paparazzi is taking pictures of them.


Ryouma confessing