Love Stage!! Wiki
Chapter 6.5
Volume 2
Release Dec 15, 2011 (Translated)
Pages 50
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This special includes six different stories and ends with some drawings from the mangaka.

Ryouma-san, it's show time!

Ryouma tells Shougo about his dream where he had to choose between the female Izumi and the male Izumi.

The truth behind his studying abroad

A chapter where you get to know why Shougo was sent abroad to study.

The truth behind the nipples

Rei remembers the time when Izumi asked if men can get turned on by their nipples and asks why Izumi's nipples are that sensitive to Shougo.

The truth behind his hatred

A chapter where you get to know why Ryouma hates Shougo that much.

Forbidden love

Izumi is reading a yaoi doujinshi about Ryouma and Shougo.

One day we'll be able to talk about this

You get to meet the creator of magic girl lalalulu.