Chapter 9
Volume 2
Release Dec 7, 2011 (Translated)
Pages 33
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Arrived at Ryouma's house, Ryouma let's Izumi in and let's him take a bath and afterwards Izumi stays the night at his house.

Back at Izumi's house, Rei and Shougo are really concerned about Izumi and they can't seem to get in touch with him.

The next day Ryouma makes breakfast and asks Izumi what actually happened and he tells Ryouma everything. Ryouma tells Izumi that he can stay at his house for a while, but Izumi refuses and says he will stay at his house forever. Ryouma can't take it anymore and asks if he has forgotten that he loves him. Izumi tells him that he can do whatever he likes with him. Ryouma accepts his offer, but after seeing Izumi's scared look, he stops and walks away.