Episode 1

Episode 1

Japanese Title ユメヘノトビラ
Romanized Title Yume no tobira
English Title The Door to My Dreams
Airdate Jul 10, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
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Izumi is living his daily life when he gets asked to play at the wedding commercials which he also played in 10 years ago. Although he is opposed to it, his brother Shougo comes and says that if he does the commercial he will give him a LalaLulu clock and he ends up accepting it. Meanwhile Ryouma is excited to meet the girl from 10 years ago in the commercial again. Izumi goes to do the commercial, but he is too nervous and ends up making a mistake. Ryouma sees it and gives him a stone which heps him to make him less nervous. After Izumi's nerves dissapeard they started shooting the commercial. Everything went well, but at the end Ryouma kisses him according to the script, but Izumi didn't know about this scene.

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