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Episode 2
Episode 2.png
Japanese Title キミニアエタカラ
Romanized Title Kimini aetakara
English Title Because I Was Able to Meet You
Airdate Jul 17, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
Previous Episode Episode 1
Next Episode Episode 3
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Izumi runs away after kissing Ryouma and locks himself up in his changing room. Shougo comes to comfort him and says if Izumi goes back to the shooting he will give him a LalaLulu pillow and Izumi returns back. After the shooting ends, Izumi meets Ryouma in the hall and Ryouma confesses to him. Of course Ryouma doesn't know that Izumi is a boy, so Shougo shows Ryouma that he is a boy. After seeing the truth Ryouma gets mad and runs away.