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Episode 6
Japanese Title ナンノシレンデスカ
Romanized Title Nanno shiren desu ka?
English Title What Kind Of Test Is That?
Airdate Aug 14, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7
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When Ryouma arrives at the B-dash office he goes to see the company's president Kojirou who showed him the pictures which were taken in Episode 4. Kojirou knows the 'girl' is from the wedding commercial and asks if the 'girl' in the picture is his girlfriend. Ryouma doesn't really know what Izumi and Ryouma are, besides Izumi is a boy. He wanted to tell the president about Izumi's gender, but he first called Rei to ask if he could tell them about it. Rei asks if Ryouma could wait for a bit, so he could come to the B-dash office and could take care of it.

The next day Izumi wakes up and just when he was about to leave with his manga for the manga contest, Rei comes and shows him the pictures which were taken by the paparazzis and tells him that he couldn't talk them out of it and says that Izumi has to make his debut in the showbizz, but Izumi refuses and says he wants to become a mangaka. Rei gets mad and tells him that if is his manga gets a good review he can be a mangaka, but if it doesn't he will have to make his debut and Izumi accepts it.

Arrived at the manga company, Izumi's gave his manga to the editor and the first thing the editor said was 'What is this?' and asked if he was just messing around and he had no talent.

After getting depressed he ran away from home and went to Ryouma's place. Arrived at Ryouma's house, Ryouma let's Izumi in and let's him take a bath and afterwards Izumi stays the night at his house.

Back at Izumi's house, Rei is really concerned about Izumi and he still can't get in touch with him.

The next day Ryouma makes breakfast and asks Izumi what actually happened and he tells Ryouma everything. Ryouma tells Izumi that he can stay at his house for a while, but Izumi refuses and says he will stay at his house forever. Ryouma can't take it anymore and asks if he has forgotten that he loves him. He can't suppress his desire to touch Izumi forever. So Izumi tells him that he can do whatever he likes with him.