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Episode 9
Episode 9.png
Japanese Title ドッチガタダシイノ
Romanized Title Dotchiga tadashi ino?
English Title Which Way Is Right?
Airdate Sep 4, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
Previous Episode Episode 8
Next Episode Episode 10
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Ryouma just came out of the shower and opened the tv and realized how popular Izumi became. At almost every channel people were talking about Izumi and it was mainly about how they thought how cute Izumi was. That's when Ryouma realized that now the whole world would know how cute Izumi is and from now on everybody will become his rival.

Meanwhile Izumi is locked up in his room ordering all kinds of Ryouma merchandises. Rei finds out about it and asks Izumi if he is in love with Ryouma. Izumi says he isn't, but Rei says that if he ever falls in love with Ryouma, he won't object it, because Ryouma is in his opinion a good guy.

The next day at the set where Ryouma is. Ryouma has been making a lot of mistakes, so they took a little break. That's when Izumi shows up to introduce himself. Of course everybody get's excited to meet the new star, so they all get close to Izumi in order to take a picture with him, talk to him, touch him etc. Ryouma gets irritated after seeing everybody getting so close to Izumi, so he takes Izumi away. They go to a private room and there Ryouma asks how Izumi acutally feels about him. But before Izumi could answer that question Ryouma passes out and it seems like he has got a horrible fever.

A couple days later Izumi (again) hasn't come out of his room for a while and he has been ordering a lot of stuff from the internet (again). Rei gets curious and goes to Izumi's room. There he finds out that the things Izumi was ordering were all bl (=boyslove) mangas and also get's confronted with the question: "Does is hurt when guys do it". Rei tells him it all depends on your partner, but if it's Ryouma it will probably hurt a bit. After hearing that Izumi get's a bit scared. And after having a little talk with Rei, he goes outside to meet with his friends.

Outside, he bumps into a girl and drops his glasses and the girl seems to recognize him from the tv and before he realizes it, he was being chased around by a group of fans. He goes to an construction site and finds a gang there who don't seem to have nice intentions.