Love Stage!! Wiki
  • “Y—you said y-you would stay here…forever…and ever! You promised…!” To Rei when Izumi was a kid, Back Stage Novel Chapter 3
  • "I'll become a mangaka."
  • "It's been my dream to be a manga artist since I started watching Lalalulu as child. Now, it's like.. I don't know what I should do with my life." To Ryouma, chapter 9.
  • "I'm the one who should apologize.. I just keep taking advantage of Ryouma's kindness...! On top of that, I dropped into the depths of despair and hurt Ryouma. I'm such an idiot!" To Ryouma, chapter 10.
  • "What's this...? Could it be...LOVE!?" To himself after Ryouma kissed him, chapter 10.
  • "I don't just 'like' Ryouma.. I'm completely in love with him!" To himself, chapter 14.
  • "Ryouma... I love you!" To Ryouma, chapter 15.
  • "I'm not your property! I'll associate with whoever I like, whether you want me to or not!" To Ryouma, chapter 19.
  • "How much it hurts when your feelings of love don't get across to your partner... Ryouma, you had to bear this pain all the time, huh? I'm so sorry." To himself, chapter 23.
  • "Just watch me Rei! I'll never give up on Ryouma!" To Rei, chapter 23.
  • "I'll never let go! I'll protect you, Ryouma!" To Ryouma, chapter 24.