He is the author of Izumi's favorite manga and anime series, Lala-Lulu.


He so far appears to be a friendly, polite and patient young man. He accepted Ryouma's desperate plea to look over Izumi's manga work (all done in an attempt to boost his spirits), even taking the time to look through it entirely, despite his busy deadline to complete his own manga series.


He is the author of the popular fictional manga/anime, Lala-Lulu. In his written note regarding his opinion of Izumi's manga drawing entry, he comments that Izumi's clear passion for manga reminds him of himself in his younger days.


  • In the Love Stage OVA, there are hints that he may have feelings for Kuroi (being seen flirting with him, much to Kuroi's surprise). This is confirmed in a Love Stage manga extra, where he states (to the reader) that he has a crush on Kuroi, but believes that his feelings are not getting across to him. (He also admits that he actually does not need a manga assistant, but has Kuroi help with his manga work as a reason to spend time with him.) In a recent Love Stage chapter, it is hinted at that he may have attempted to make a more forward advance to Kuroi in order to get his feelings known. Kuroi may have finally caught onto his feelings, shown to be considering the idea of becoming involved with Saotome, but is hesitant to do so.