Love Stage!! Wiki

Love Stage Original Soundtrack.

Released date : October 8th, 2014
Including :
-Opening/Ending Song (TV version)
-Magical Angel Lala Lulu
-Miracle Lala Lulu OP/ED Theme song (TV version)
Totally 2 disc. including jacket illustration

You can download it from here:


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Tracklist (Translated to English):


1. It's Destiny

2. LφVEST (TV Size)

3. On The Morning of The Usual Good Morning

4. Maybe I Will Do My Best From Tomorrow On

5. To Enhance Every Day

6. Love or Die -Theme of SHOGO-

7. Work or Die -Theme of REI-

8. Happy Wedding -10 Years Ago-

9. What Can I Do!?

10. Wanting You To Know

11. Magical Tenshi Lalalulu ☆

12. GO! GO! Lalalulu

13. I Am Splendid? Ambition for The Future

14. Determined Eyes, Eyes To Be In Love

15. Also, I Believed We Yould Meet

16. The Pounding Won't Stop

17. I Like You

18. You Hate It!

19. Happy Wedding -10 Years After-

20. Shrewdly Lucky!

21. The Left Behind Pure Heart

22. My Absent-Mindedness Is Whose Fault?

23. Return Peaceful Daily Life!

24. Take Away All You Want To...

25. Can't Tell Anyone About This Embarassment

26. Tell Me! On The Verge of Truth

27. I Can't Lose!


1. Magical Tenshi Lalalulu Theme Song -Miracle ☆ Lalalulu-

2. The Feeling That Something Begins

3. 0 Stage -Man of Fashion-

4. 0 Stage -And They-

5. But Still ... I'm Afraid ...

6. Look At Me More

7. The Moment Love Starts To Move

8. Slapstick Heart

9. Don't Want To Give You To Anyone

10. Chasing Until Here!

11. Approaching Danger

12. Like You Enough To Like You Very Much

13. Let's Love Together


15. It's Destiny (Orgel Ver.)