Nagisa Sena
Biographical Information
Kanji 瀬名渚
Horoscope Leo
Birthday August 1
Relatives Seiya Sena (Husband)
Shougo Sena (Older Son)
Izumi Sena (Younger Son)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 166cm
Weight 49kg
Blood Type B
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sayaka Ohhara

Nagisa Sena is the wife of Seiya Sena (a stage actor that she happily got married to) & the mother of Shougo Sena and Izumi Sena. She is a model turned actress and a bit of a spoiled princess. Despite the marriage between them being ostensibly because Nagisa relentlessly pursued Seiya after seeing one of his musicals and falling in love with him at first sight, Seiya, too, fell in love with her. Thanks to Nagisa's modeling roots, she appears much younger than she really is. Surprisingly, she is actually older than her husband, Seiya.


  • Her favorite foods are sweets.
  • Her least favorite foods are any foods that are sticky.
  • She's older than her husband.
  • She was raised in luxury.
  • She has a bit of a crush on Ryouma Ichijou and she is desperate to be in any sort of film project with him.
  • As shown in the Back Stage light novels, she is quite perceptive.