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Ryouma is really excited to meet the girl from 10 years ago in the commercial again whom he was in love with even after all those years.

At the set Ryouma sees that Izumi is nervous and gives 'her' a stone which helps 'her' to make 'her' less nervous. The filming goes well, but at the ending when Ryouma kissed Izumi 'she' and ran away. Ryouma thought that this might be 'her' first kiss and gets embarrassed.

Izumi comes back after having a talk with 'her' brother and Ryouma apolgized to 'her'. After the filming ends Ryouma goes to Izumi to confess to 'her'. Of course Ryouma doesn't know that Izumi is a boy, so Shougo shows Ryouma that he is a boy. After seeing the truth Ryouma gets mad, scolds Izumi and runs away.

A couple days later at Ryouma's filming he is making a lot of mistakes and it seems that he can't forget about Izumi. He decides to go meet Izumi again and if he sees his naked body he might forget about Izumi, but after seeing his body it didn't go as he planned to, but Shougo stops him before he could do anything to Izumi.

Love confession from RyoumaEdit

The next day he feels really guilty and decides to go to Izumi's school and apologize. After chasing Izumi a little bit (because he got scared after seeing Ryouma) he gets on his knees and apologizes and swears he will never do something Izumi hates again and Izumi forgives him. They both end up going for a walk and he tells Izumi he is still in love with him even though he is a guy, but he considers Izumi's feeling and told him he would be happy enough to be just friends with him and they exchange numbers.

Ryouma is of course really happy about having Izumi's number and starts sending him a lot of messages and even going to his school which made Izumi angry. After getting into a little fight, Izumi allowed him to stay for a while and showed Ryouma his manga. Although Ryouma didn't really get his drawings he told Izumi his drawing was really beautifull (Love is blind).

The next day Ryouma gets called by Izumi and asks him if he can help Izumi with drawing his manga. He stays the whole night helping Izumi. When Izumi fell a sleep he gave him a little kiss when he suddenly got called by the company president where he is working.

When Ryouma arrived and went to the company's president who showed him the pictures which were taken in Chapter 6 and asks if the 'girl' is his girlfriend. Ryouma tells Rei about it and Rei says that he will take care of it.

The next day somebody rings the bell of Ryouma's house and it seems it's Izumi. Izumi tells him all about what happened with his manga and that it got rejected and he will have to make his showbiz debut if his manga didn't got accepted. Ryouma finds it really sad and says that Izumi can stay at his house for a while. Ryouma feels like Izumi shouldn't give up on his dreams and goes to the mangaka of Lalalulu and asks him if he can write something nice about Izumi's manga. When he got home it seems that Izumi was about to leave. He gives him the note of the mangaka and then they both leave together.

Arrived at their house and before Ryouma wanted to leave, he and Izumi had a conversation. Izumi told him he was really thankful and tells Ryouma that he is like a big brother for him. Ryouma got kind of hurt by what he said (about being a big brother), so Ryouma kisses Izumi saying he is nothing like a big brother and leaves.

Izumi's showbiz debutEdit

Ryouma sees that Izumi is really nervous, so he kisses him and says that everything will be all right. First Ryouma appears on the stage, telling everybody what this press conference is about. Then Izumi comes dressed as the girl from the wedding commercial. Afterwards he takes of his female clothes and Shougo comes saying that Izumi is his little brother and he is making his showbiz debut.

Everybody is talking about Izumi and Ryouma gets jealous and wants to know how Izumi actually feels about him. Fortunately that day Izumi comes to his set and Izumi is immediately surrounded by his fans. Ryouma gets irritated and takes Izumi away. They go to a private room and there Ryouma asks how Izumi acutally feels about him. When Ryouma passes out.

Becoming loversEdit

Ryouma is at home feeling embarassed about what he said and just
when he was about to call Izumi, his doorbell rings and the one standing in front of his door is Izumi. Izumi comes in, kisses him and afterward says he wants to do it. After they do it Izumi tells him he loves Ryouma. He is really happy, because finally after 10 years and after having all the ups and downs his feeling are returned and he starts crying.

It's been two week since Izumi and Ryouma became a couple. Ryouma is having a shooting for a movie and is coming back today and tommorow they will be having a date.

The next day Ryouma wakes up early and gets ready for his date with Izumi, but when he came to pick up Izumi he sees that Shougo and Rei will also be joing them. Izumi tells that Shougo found out about their plan and Rei was worried about letting 3 celebrities go out unsupervised and says he's sorry. Then they go to the amusement park.

However at the amusement park Ryouma is riding all the attractions with Shougo and if this keeps up, this day's gonna wind up having been Ryouma's and Shougo's date, so he thinks of something. Ryouma challenges Shougo to go into a grand maze and suggest to make it a contest and who finishes with the best time will win and Shougo goes into the maze.

Ryouma grabes Izumi's hand and runs off with him. Izumi asks where they are going and Ryouma tells him they are going somewhere where they can be alone. Izumi stopped him and finally tells him that he was avoiding Ryouma because the last time they did it, it really hurt his butt. After hearing that Ryouma was really shocked and walked away. At home he studied really hard to not hurt Izumi while they were having sex.

One week later Izumi comes to his house and they both apologize. They have sex and Izumi says he enjoyed it.

Drama arcEdit

Ryouma is done with his taping. When Jin appears and kisses Ryouma. Ryouma gets angry and hits him. Jin asks if Ryouma wants to play in his new drama, but he immediately refuses. When he was about to walk away Jin says that Ryouma and that new guy would make such an intriguing pair of main character. Ryouma get curios who that 'new guy' is and suddenly gets a message from Izumi saying that he will be is drama serie and that it's one of Kisaragi Jin's works. He immediately calls Izumi saying that he shouldn't accept that role, but Izumi tells him he already accepted it. Then he closes his phone and runs in search for Kisaragi.

Arrived at where Kisaragi is, he sees that Kisaragi is trying to molest Izumi. Ryouma walks in and gets Kisaragi of Izumi. Ryouma tells Izumi all about Kisaragi and says he has to refuse to play in the drama, but then Rei walks into the room and says that he finished the contract agreement. Now the only thing Ryouma can do is also play in the drama to protect Izumi.

The day of the script-reading comes closer and Ryouma decides to call Izumi, because he know Izumi must be nervous and encourages him. However at the day of the script-reading it seems like Ryouma got stuck in traffic and will be late. Ryouma decides to take the train, but gets hold up by fans. Later on Ryouma comes
and Izumi tells him all about a hypnosis Jin put on him which made him less nervous. Ryouma realized that Izumi and Jun are really weirdly friendly. Then his manager drags him out to his other job. When he has a break he tries to call Izumi and drops his phone in the water while he's getting more and more nervous about what Jun might do to Izumi.

At the day of the filming Izumi is again nervous and asks Jin to hypnotize him again. Then Ryouma comes in the room and he sees Izumi and Jin standing really close and punches Jin, because he thought Jin was about to do something to Izumi. Ryouma gets mad at Jun while Izumi is trying to calm Ryouma down. Afterwards he gets angry at Izumi for letting his guard down and forbids him from associating with Jin. That's when Izumi snaps and tells he really looks up to Jin and relys on him a lot and he isn't Ryouma's property. He'll associate with whoever he likes whether Ryouma likes that or not. Ryouma gets angry and runs off.

While Ryouma was changing Jin came in to his changing room and it seems like he found out about the fact that Izumi and Ryouma are dating. Jin says they have to make up soon or else he would 'attack' Ryouma.

Then the filming begins and Izumi's acting was really good. So good that Ryouma got shocked and forgot his lines. Jin realized it and took Ryouma to another room with him. Ryouma is really upset and is scared that Izumi will be drifting away from him. Jun is worried they will never finish filming this way and decides to forget Ryouma's worries with hypnosis. Then a boy (=Izumi) comes into Ryouma's room and Ryouma asks who he is. Ryouma forgot all about Izumi. Jin introduces the boy as Izumi. He is Ryouma's co-star.

The filming continues and Ryouma wonders if Izumi really is a boy, so he walks up to him and grabs between his legs and yes Izumi is a boy. Ryouma tells Izumi if he was a girl he would be his type.

The next day at the set Izumi runs towards Ryouma and says he loves him. The Rei grabs Izumi and runs
away. Jin tells Ryouma that Izumi was just getting into his character.  After the first episode aired it received a 22.4% viewership rating and they decide to celebrate this in a hotel.

Later on in the hotel Rei gives Ryouma Suiken and Ryouma immediately becomes drunk. He brings Ryouma to a hotelroom and gives Izumi the key to the room and leaves everything up to him. Izumi was fondling Ryouma when he suddenly woke up. Ryouma got really angry and said it's disgusting for a guy to be in love with another guy. Ryouma immediately goes home and gets a dream where he is having sex with Izumi, but thinks it's just because Izumi was fondling him the other day. But at the set he can't look Izumi in the eyes becuase he keeps remembering about that dream. Then the filming starts and after the filming Izumi walks up to Ryouma and tells him he really does love Ryouma. Ryouma starts to remember something and walks away, but they were standing on a cliff and Ryouma falls off.

Izumi catches Ryouma's arm and holds onto a tree, but Izumi's arms are to weak to hold both Ryouma and Izumi. Izumi finally lets the tree go and they both fall into a river. Ryouma catches Izumi before the fall and also takes him out of the water. They both find a house where they can stay the night. At the house Ryouma finds some blankets and they get both get undressed, becuase their clothes were wet. But when Ryouma saw Izumi naked he suddenly gets all flustered.

It's getting colder in the house and Ryouma suggests they get close to each other under the blanket to keep themselves warm. When Izumi got closer Ryouma started thinking how great Izumi smells and how soft his skin is. That's when he gets hard and Izumi feels it pocking his back. Izumi is happy that Ryouma still reacts to his body and tells Ryouma how he lost his memories and believes Izumi, because now he knows how he got those weird dreams and flashbacks. Afterwards Izumi asks if Ryouma wants to give it a try, to see if Ryouma's body really does remember Izumi's.